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small white and tan bird sitting on a tree branchHave you been searching for that elusive yellow-billed cuckoo or a black-throated blue warbler? Well, these birding hotspots in Lexington, VA are all located within an easy drive of Brierley Hill Bed & Breakfast. And who knows, you just might set your sights on a bird from your life list! 

  1. Goshen and Little North Mountain located just 12 miles from our B&B, your route will take you through farmlands, rolling hills, and magnificent forests – some of the prettiest countrysides the Shenandoah Valley has to offer. 

  2. Short Hills finds many neotropical species making this part of their flyway, so you just might see that accidental species right here in the Allegheny Mountains, possibly alongside one of the native woodland species that make Short Hills their home.

  3. Boxerwood’s focus on our environment will make you more aware of the importance of being a good steward for our Mother Earth. From the wetlands to the uplands, a diverse ecosystem makes up Boxerwood. Catch turtles sunbathing or catch a glimpse of a great blue heron coming in for its dinner. Discover some rare tree specimens, and just take a break in the Big Chair.

  4. Woods Creek Trail is known as a birding hotspot in the Lexington area. Bring your binoculars and maybe you can spot a yellow-tailed kite or a clapper rail. The 4-mile trail is considered an easy hike along the Maury River and traverses through some more urban areas.

  5. Chessie Nature Trail is part of the Rails to Trails Conservancy Program and the trails follow the remnants of the Chesapeake and Ohio Line. A leisurely hike through meadows and lush forests will have you alongside wildlife and grazing cattle! The hike culminates at a cliff alongside the Maury River offering breathtaking views.

close-up view of binocularsDo you eBird? With eBird, you can track your life list, report sightings and get rare bird alerts. Sign up, download the app and find the birding hotspots wherever you go! 

Grab your binoculars and make us your stop along the highways, flyways, and byways of Virginia. Book your reservation today!

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