Incredible Goshen Pass Hiking and Kayaking in Lexington, VA

Green kayak being paddled through Maury River whitewater in Goshen PassGoshen Pass is one of Virginia’s treasures. About 14 miles from Lexington, this six-mile gorge attracts people wanting to jump in their kayaks and their waders. Its appeal draws biologists and sunbathers, hikers and hunters. The whitewater of the Maury River has carved out a breathtaking vista for nature-lovers and beauty-seekers. Some even say it’s the prettiest drive in Virginia, the state that also boasts the stunning Blue Ridge Parkway. 

Wonderful Whitewater

The Maury River calls to those who love water and offers plenty of points in Rockbridge County for watersports. Expert adventurers find Goshen Pass a challenge for rafting, canoeing, and kayaking. It has high difficulty ratings, with Class II, III, and IV rapids. Novice paddlers can find spots on the river too. Jordan’s Point to Buena Vista is a Class I, perfect for tubing and floating. 

Fabulous Fly Fishing

Forested, rocky river with dime-sized fisherman in waders standing on boulder holding rod.

Boats are fun, but some people would rather be fishing. Goshen Pass is a favorite fishing hole. Fly fishing, in particular, draws the anglers. Brown and rainbow trout and brownies await you. Downstream, expect to catch small-mouth bass and carp. Different fish are more prevalent in different seasons, and summer may not be the best time, particularly for trout, but autumn is coming. 

The Pass offers opportunities for fun and exploration in all seasons. You may enjoy summer sunning on the boulders, surrounded by the sound and cooling effect of the water. Spring, summer, and fall are great times to spot birds and wildlife in the forest. All seasons provide fodder for photographers. 

The area is full of great hiking areas, and Goshen Pass offers its own challenging loop at Jump Rock. As a state Natural Area Preserve, Goshen Pass is renowned by scientists seeking to study flora and fauna, sand and soil, and animal life that’s existed there for thousands, maybe millions, of years. Also because it’s part of the preserve, you will need an access pass for hiking the whole loop and licenses for fishing and hunting. 

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